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Therapy of Motion experiences focus on  building somatic consciousness and psycho-emotional healing in creative, innovative ways. The word Soma means "Body" in Greek. Somatic relates to a person's inner, sensational experience, or internal awareness, of the body as a system, an organism. It is the Body-Mind connection and our ongoing alignment with it that facilitates spiritual intelligence.

Therapy of Motion
is dedicated to creating explorative, ritual spaces for women's body wisdom and empowerment, using Continuum Movement and the Halprin Life Art Process.

Continuum Movement 
builds on intuitive, fully embodied movement that is novel and refreshing. By learning to follow the natural fluidity of your own inner somatic experience, you feed and inform other areas of your life with creative potency and vitality. Therapy of Motion Continuum explorations create the groundwork for connecting with your cosmic and primal roots, using resonant sounding and sensationally driven, fluid motion.

The Halprin Life-Art Process of Tamalpa Institute was founded by the legendary Anna Halprin and co-founding pioneer in the field, Daria Halprin. Through utilizing movement, art-making, poetic dialogue/writing, sound, breath, and creative body reenactments, the Life-Art Process provides a rich, expressive, art-therapy landscape for healing and transforming the stories of our lives into greater depths & meaning-making.

Daphne Georghiou, MFT, RCC, MA RSMT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Registered Somatic Movement Therapist
Continuum Movement Teacher
Life-Art Process Halprin Practitioner            
tel: 778-985-6670

"As we tap into the deep sources of bodily wisdom through creative art expression, we dance the renewal, recreation, and healing of ourselves and our world."

Anna Halprin